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Another short story about another important principle.

Posted by thecrazyteacher on novembre 22, 2018

“Try Not to Do Things to Others That You Would Not Like Them to Do to You”

Now read the short story about this important principle.

Two friends, Eric and Wendy, are sitting in a café enjoying a coffee. They talk and look at the other people in the café. There is a rich-looking man in a business suit sitting at a table near them. As he stands up to leave, his cell phone rings. He answers it and walks away.
Eric and Wendy realize that he has left his briefcase. He was distracted by the phone call. They both look at the briefcase for a moment and wonder if it is full of money.
But they only hesitate for a moment. They know that the briefcase belongs to the man, and he will be very upset if he loses it. They both jump up from their chairs. Wendy runs after the man, shouting, “Hey, sir! Sir, you forgot your briefcase!”
Eric stands next to the briefcase and waits. He wants to be sure that nothing happens to it while Wendy goes to find the man.
When he hears Wendy, the man stops and looks at her. “I’m sorry, I have to go,” he says into his cell phone, ending the call. “My briefcase! I cannot believe I forgot it! Thank you so much!”
He follows Wendy back to his table in the café. He smiles at Eric, who is standing next to his briefcase without touching it.
“Thank you so much,” the man says. “This briefcase is full of important research papers and some pictures of my family. These things are very important to me, but they are not useful to anyone else. I am so glad I did not lose them!”
Wendy and Eric smile. They are happy that the man did not lose his documents.
“Let me pay for your coffee,” the man offers. “You have really saved me today!”
Wendy and Eric accept and say thank you to the man. They are glad no one took his briefcase. They know you should not do things to others that you would not like them to do to you. And no one wants to lose important work or special photos. They enjoy their coffee even more after helping the man.

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