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Fill in the Gap!

Posted by thecrazyteacher on aprile 4, 2018

Notting Hill Carnival


Robin Hood

William Shakespeare

This week’s test in my 2A and 2E

Posted by thecrazyteacher on aprile 19, 2011

Try to do it (again for my students of 2A and 2E, but it can be useful to my other students, too!) after revising the grammar rules you should have studied…


1.        My friend always _____________________________________ TV. (watch)

2.        Mr. Brown ______________________________________ on Mondays. (not/work)

3.        _______________________________________________ (they/study) Japanese?

4.        She  never ___________________________________ to parties. (go)

5.        _______________________________________________ (Bob/play) football on Sundays?

6.        We __________________________________________(not/like) watching TV.

7.        What ________________________________________(Susan/do) on Saturdays?

8.        She often _____________________________________(meet) her friends.


1.        Now I ________________________________________(play) basket with my friends.

2.        What ___________________________________________(you/do)?

3.        Tomorrow my parents ________________________________________(not/come) with me.

4.        Next Saturday Bob ______________________________________(meet) Susan.

5.        _________________________________________________(he/stop) working next week?

6.        Mum _________________________________________(not/cook) at the moment.

7.        Silence! They ___________________________________________(study).

8.        We ______________________________________________(swim) all day, tomorrow!


1.        Yesterday Dad _______________________________________(not/be) at home.

2.        Last week my friends _____________________________________(go) to the cinema.

3.        You ____________________________________________(not/speak) to Bob two days ago.

4.        _________________________________________________(she/pass) her exam last month?

5.        In 1999 Bob __________________________________________(work) in England.

6.        On my last birthday I _________________________________________(not/give) a party.

7.        When I _____________________(be) young, I _________________________(visit) England.

8.        We ____________________________(not/have) a shower yesterday, we ________________(have) a bath.


1.        Listen! Bob ____________________________________________(play) his guitar!

2.        Two days ago he _________________________________________(play) with his friends.

3.        Susan _____________________________________________(often/play) tennis with Bob.

4.        Mum _____________________________________________________(have lunch) now.

5.        Tomorrow we ____________________________________________(not/stay) at home.

6.        I ________ ________________________________________(stop) smoking two months ago.

7.        Yesterday Mary ____________________________________(buy) a present for me!

8.        What _______________________________________________(you/do) at the weekends?

9.        _____________________________________________(she/come) late  to the party last Saturday?

10.     _______________________________________________(he/sleep) at the moment?

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A quiz…

Posted by thecrazyteacher on marzo 28, 2011

…about  Can, Must, Needn’t, Have to…click here!

Verifica Classi 3A-3E-3F: soluzioni

Posted by thecrazyteacher on marzo 18, 2011

1. N.M. was born in 1918.

2. No, he didn’t in fact his family belonged to a tribe in teh Eastern Cape of South Africa.

3. When he was at school, his teachers gave him the English name “Nelson”.

4. He was a lawyer.

5. The letters ANC stand for African National Congress.

6. His policies were similar to those of Gandhi and M.L. King because they all adopted the policy of non violence and peaceful resistance against apartheid and racism.

7. The violence related to apartheid continued so the international community imposed sanctions to South Africa.

8. In 1964 Mandela was sentenced to life in prison.

9. The children in Soweto decided to hold a peaceful protest because the government said that all children had to speak Africaans at school.

10. He stayed in prison for 27 years.

11. Fw de Clerk was the President of South Africa in 1990, when an international campaign to free Mandela started.

12. He was important because he finally lifted the ban on the ANC and freed Mandela after 27 years in prison.

13. In 1994, by the first democratic elections, Nelson Mandela was elected President of South Africa.

14. Robben Island is a World Heritage Site because Mandela was imprisoned there and so, like himself, it  is the international symbol ofhe fight for human rights.

15. They chose the date June 16th as “National Youth Day” because it’s the anniversary of the Soweto Children’s Uprising.

16. (qui si poteva parlare di Gandhi, M.L.King, Kennedy, Amnesty International, Emergency, etc…)

The first comprehension test for my “oldest” students

Posted by thecrazyteacher on novembre 15, 2010

…that is to say for the students of 3A,3E and 3F.

Charlie Williams of Lindenhurst, N.Y., has an unusual hobby. He collects golf balls. He plays golf, too. But, as Charlie says; “I’m better at finding balls than playing golf.”

Charlie finds it difficult to explain his hobby. “Some people collect stamps or phone cards. I’m not interested in those things. But golf balls are special. It started when I was 15. I found a glof ball on a golf course near my house when I was walking the dog. I picked it up and took it home.”

Today Charlie has a grand total of 13,653 balls, four hundred of them signed. But Charlie isn’t the only person who collects golf balls. “There are lots of us, in Canada and the US, -he says- sometimes we meet and exchange unusual balls.” Charlie keeps the golf balls in his garage and is always happy to show visitors his collection.

1. Where is Charlie Williams from?
2. Has he got an unusual hobby? What?
3. Can he paly golf? Is he good at it?
4. When did he start with his unusual hobby?
5. How many balls has he got now?
6. Does he collect stamps, too?
7. Is he the only one to collect golf balls?
8. Did Charlie go to Canada to play golf?
9. Where does he keep his collection?
10. Do you like collecting things? Do you collect anything?

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