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Verifica Classi 3A-3E-3F: soluzioni

Posted by thecrazyteacher on marzo 18, 2011

1. N.M. was born in 1918.

2. No, he didn’t in fact his family belonged to a tribe in teh Eastern Cape of South Africa.

3. When he was at school, his teachers gave him the English name “Nelson”.

4. He was a lawyer.

5. The letters ANC stand for African National Congress.

6. His policies were similar to those of Gandhi and M.L. King because they all adopted the policy of non violence and peaceful resistance against apartheid and racism.

7. The violence related to apartheid continued so the international community imposed sanctions to South Africa.

8. In 1964 Mandela was sentenced to life in prison.

9. The children in Soweto decided to hold a peaceful protest because the government said that all children had to speak Africaans at school.

10. He stayed in prison for 27 years.

11. Fw de Clerk was the President of South Africa in 1990, when an international campaign to free Mandela started.

12. He was important because he finally lifted the ban on the ANC and freed Mandela after 27 years in prison.

13. In 1994, by the first democratic elections, Nelson Mandela was elected President of South Africa.

14. Robben Island is a World Heritage Site because Mandela was imprisoned there and so, like himself, it  is the international symbol ofhe fight for human rights.

15. They chose the date June 16th as “National Youth Day” because it’s the anniversary of the Soweto Children’s Uprising.

16. (qui si poteva parlare di Gandhi, M.L.King, Kennedy, Amnesty International, Emergency, etc…)

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