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The first comprehension test for my “oldest” students

Posted by thecrazyteacher on novembre 15, 2010

…that is to say for the students of 3A,3E and 3F.

Charlie Williams of Lindenhurst, N.Y., has an unusual hobby. He collects golf balls. He plays golf, too. But, as Charlie says; “I’m better at finding balls than playing golf.”

Charlie finds it difficult to explain his hobby. “Some people collect stamps or phone cards. I’m not interested in those things. But golf balls are special. It started when I was 15. I found a glof ball on a golf course near my house when I was walking the dog. I picked it up and took it home.”

Today Charlie has a grand total of 13,653 balls, four hundred of them signed. But Charlie isn’t the only person who collects golf balls. “There are lots of us, in Canada and the US, -he says- sometimes we meet and exchange unusual balls.” Charlie keeps the golf balls in his garage and is always happy to show visitors his collection.

1. Where is Charlie Williams from?
2. Has he got an unusual hobby? What?
3. Can he paly golf? Is he good at it?
4. When did he start with his unusual hobby?
5. How many balls has he got now?
6. Does he collect stamps, too?
7. Is he the only one to collect golf balls?
8. Did Charlie go to Canada to play golf?
9. Where does he keep his collection?
10. Do you like collecting things? Do you collect anything?

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