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Broken VS Broke

Posted by thecrazyteacher on settembre 1, 2019

Let’s talk about the difference between “broken” and “broke.”
Many people use these words incorrectly.
Let’s look at each word separately.

“Broken” is an adjective that means “shattered” or “damaged.” (An adjective describes a person, place, or thing.)
The toy is broken.He has a broken toy.The bone is broken.I have a broken bone.

“Broke” can be used in two ways:
1. “Broke” can be an adjective that means “without money.”
I lost my job. Now I am broke. (I do not have any money.)He cannot pay for dinner because he is broke. (He does not have any money.)The broke company lost their business. (The company does not have any money.)
2. “Broke” can be the past tense form of the verb “break.”
The toy broke yesterday.He broke a bone when he fell out of the tree last week.The cat broke the vase last night.
(Thanks to “Really Learn English”)